Why Food Is More Powerful Than You Think, And More Than We Are Being Told.

Modulating Our Health With Food

What food are you turning to currently? The chances are, if you are feeling more stressed lately due to the current global pandemic, you will be looking to eat more sugary ‘comfort’ foods. This is a natural response to stress levels increasing, which can happen even if you are just hearing the same alarming news reports over and over.

All forms of stress eventually take their toll on us and yet food is actually a very powerful medicine and deserves more attention than the media and global governments are mentioning right now.

After all, food is important to each and every one of us if we want to keep ourselves healthy and fit, more so now when there is a viral pandemic trying to invade our bodies.

What we eat actually modulates our biology, including modulating our:

  • brain chemistry,
  • nutrient status
  • and other functions that take place on a chemical and biological level.

This shouldn’t be overlooked at any time of a person’s life. Especially when it is known that eating an unhealthy diet and living an unhealthy lifestyle can greatly increase our chances of developing serious problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Which according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is of huge importance given that nearly all New York City area COVID-19 hospitalisations had these comorbidities. Of which, 56.6% of the 94% total with a comorbidity in this scenario was due to high blood pressure, obesity made up 41.7% and diabetes made up 33.8% of these statistics.

So, it is fair to say if this scenario played out in New York like this, what about the rest of the world including the United Kingdom? I believe we should not wait for local stats to come in, but rather let us take a proactive approach to our own health care knowing the above, and by using this information wisely by increasing our healthy food intake, and using food as our nourishment and medicine.

Improving diet is a great way to stay healthy or to get healthy if you have one of the listed comorbidities. Positive effects can be noticed in as little as 7 days, even with small changes.

John WayEditor