Using Nature to Achieve Your Wellness Goals

I spend a lot of time advising people on the right foods each individual person should eat and the right supplements to take, whilst also spending time carefully choosing the right herbs for my patients to take. Whereas ‘nature prescribing’ is so often under-rated but makes an excellent addition to helping a person achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

Time in Nature Boosts Mental and Physical Health

A recent study that surveyed more than 19,000 UK citizens, found that people who spent at least 120 minutes a week in nature saw a boost in their mental and physical health compared to people who didn’t spend any time in nature. According to the same research team, the health benefits were similar to what people would get simply meeting the guidelines for regular physical activity.

Whereas over in the US, another study showed that patients who have high-stress levels could have their stress reduced by spending time in nature after receiving a ‘park prescription’. This study also found that physical health also benefitted.

Choose Your Personal Nature Prescription

So, whether it is forest bathing, hiking, running, walking or grounding with bare feet that you prefer, the simple act of being in nature comes with its own incredible list of health benefits for all and best of all, it is totally free and accessible for everyone.

John WayEditor