Just One Week to Change Your Life (The Veg Pledge)

Every single day you’re given multiple opportunities to improve your life.

I’m not talking about karma or spirituality; I’m talking about food. 

Food is the best medicine we have. It doesn’t come as a hard to swallow pill, it doesn’t need to be injected, and there are no scary side effects. Everything we put into our body has an effect on our health, mentality, and overall sense of wellbeing, so making the right choice becomes incredibly important.

This week, I’ve been talking about The Veg Pledge; a week designed by Cancer Research UK to encourage us all to eat more wholesome, nutritious, natural fruits and vegetables.

It’s easy to opt for process foods, easy snacks, and microwave meal and put it under the excuse that we’re ‘busy’ and ‘stressed’, but the impact of these decisions can be drastic – especially in the long term.

There’s no one way that you have to eat the fruit and veg either. You can blend, mash, roast, fry, boil, marinade, sautee, dice and make them any way you want.

If you’re pushed for time, prepare them in advance in containers and store them in the fridge or freezer, ready to be taken out when you need.

By eating more of these foods, we’re providing our body with more fibre, vitamins, and minerals, helping to improve our immune system, provide us with energy, and keep our body running in tip-top shape.

The Veg Pledge is all about cutting down on our animal product consumption and swapping to a more nutritious, plant-based approach just for a week with the view to continue this going forward. Try it – just for 7 days. Experiment with your meals and see what really happens when you put your health first above all other things.
John WayEditor