How Sleep and Immunity are Deeply Connected + Free Sleep Masterclass

How Are You sleeping?

I can imagine for most people the answer to this is not very well currently. Whether it is from waking up and worrying about job security, how you are going to pay your bills this month to feeling overwhelmed by playing teacher, worker and parent since the kids have been off school. All of this is can turn into stress and can keep you awake at night.

Studies show us that lack of sleep can have negative consequences on the immune system. People who don’t get good quality sleep or enough sleep, are actually at an increased risk of getting sick if they have been exposed to a virus. Not sleeping properly also impacts how long you stay sick, with people recovering quicker who sleep well regularly.

If any of this resonates with you, then I advise you to address the quality of your sleep and work towards improving it during this time. Doing so will have a profound effect on your health, not just your immunity.

One way to encourage deeper sleep is to practice good sleep hygiene. This is the art of winding down and preparing to sleep using different ‘sleep rituals’ several hours before you actually get into bed.

Take a hot shower. Make your bedroom a nice temperature that is not too hot or too cold. Make the room dark. Turn off all electronics an hour before bed (at least). Get into bed and read. All of these suggestions are just some of the common sleep hygiene practices people use to help their body and mind get ready to have a good nights sleep, night after night.

If you really can’t seem to sleep no matter what you do, you could always try Dr. Mark Hyman’s Sleep Masterclass. This 8 part program is online and is currently being given away for free. This course offers practical help to reset your sleep and achieve your best health.

John WayEditor