How is hydration connected to immunity?

Immunity and Hydration

Keeping our immune system functioning well is a vital weapon to living and staying healthy, not just during times of Covid19.

In my last blog post called “Immunity and Our Channels of Elimination”, I discussed that good health and immunity starts on a cellular level. I also spoke about how the 24 hour day and night cycle of the cells (that includes a detoxification process) is vital for our immune system to stay healthy and to keep on slaying incoming harmful microbes.

Further to this, when we are dehydrated, this reduces the overall volume of blood and lymphatic fluids that are are key components in a healthy immune system response. This dehydration is made worse when any inflammation is present, as the two together can cause further complications to health such as triggering autoimmune diseases.

Water Is Essential For Good Immunity

So, be sure to check-in on yourself daily and make sure you are drinking enough clean water, preferably that is free of harmful contaminants and chemicals. Not just during stressful times, or during a pandemic – healthy hydrated cells are important all year long to help ensure optimal functioning of the immune system.


John WayEditor