About Me

Hello and welcome. 

I am John Way, also known as The Wellness Practitioner. I have been supporting patients since 2004 in nutrition and herbal medicine and some years prior to that in energy therapy. 

I believe that not one modality works for everyone, but by combining, diet, lifestyle, nutrition and herbal medicine (along with working with mental and emotional support) we can find the capacity in ourselves to heal. 

With the world ever changing, over the last couple of years I have found it difficult to source and supply good quality, affordable supplements, and at times some suppliers have not been able to meet demand. I have been blending my own herbal supplements for many years, but have never managed to find the time to formulate and produce nutritional supplements. However, some good came out of the "2020 pandemic" as I started to work on formulating my own nutritional supplementation. 

My aims and objectives is to provide nutritional supplements that are of good quality, that contain no (or if they do, natural) excipients, that are affordable and absorbable. 

You will slowly see my range of nutritional supplements expand as I roll out my brand range over the coming months, however you will also see supplements from ranges that I use in clinic, namely Higher Nature, BetterYOU, Solgar & Pharma Nord. 

I look forward to working with you and I hope you find benefit from using my range. 

With health and wellness, 

John Way BSc (Hons), MCThA, MNIMH

The Wellness Practitioner/Medical Herbalist